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So as we enter February, I want to reflect and record my progress with my new year resolution…….

Unlike most years when I have set myself at least 5 new year resolutions and rarely stick to any of them, I have chosen just one for 2017.

This is to start my own HR consultancy to serve small businesses in West Sussex. I want to help small businesses who don’t have the expertise in house or the time to manage the minefield of HR issues by providing simple, helpful and friendly HR advice and solutions.

So how am I doing?

Its week 2 and I have joined a weekly local networking group with 26 current members. It’s the type of networking group that you can only join if your specialism is vacant. On the morning of my first meeting I was very nervous, just the thought of walking into a room with 26 people I had never met before. I am a fairly confident individual however even I was nervous. The night before I read I would have to do a 60-second introduction about me and my business. So at 6:30am the following morning I arrived, business cards under one arm and loads of courage under the other.

And after 15 minutes I started to relax and appreciate how welcoming everyone was. When it came to my 60 seconds I stood up and delivered my pitch to my audience. The challenge will be to come up with an original pitch every week!!

Two weeks on…..

I now have two clients, one who needed a contract of employment and other new starter document templates and the other needed some support managing an employee who had been off sick for 12 months.

It’s early days but I am already asking myself why I didn’t do this years ago!

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