GDPR HR Implications – Five top tips

GDPR HR Implications – Five top tips

  1. The basics

In brief, the General Data Protection Regulations is new and is replacing the current data protection act.  It is being introduced on 25th May 2018 to address the huge technology updates since the original act was brought in 20 years ago.  Gone are the days when our data was stored in a locked cabinet, it is now likely to be spread across the internet, held by numerous companies and therefore the risks are so much higher than ever.

The new regulation is not too dissimilar to the current legislation, however, the implications are much more onerous, meaning that you must be able to demonstrate accountability and follow strict rules on data processing.

  1. So where will this impact?

It will likely impact the following key areas in your business:

  • Direct marketing
  • IT
  • HR
  • CRM/Customer Service
  1. Potential Fines

There are two tiers of fines.  The first is up to €10 million or 2% of your annual global turnover of the previous year, whichever is higher.  The second is up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is higher.  Generally, the first tier is for breaches of controller or processor obligations and breaches of data subject’s rights and freedoms will result in the higher fine.

  1. Get a plan together

Businesses have between now and 25th May 2018 to ensure they are compliant.  If you want to do this properly, and ensure everything is in place, this is likely to mean a significant amount of work.  Firstly you are going to need to review your current data processes, identify gaps in compliance and plan to implement solutions before the GDPR is enforced.

Some companies will need to designate a Data Protection Officer.  The other actions required will be specific to each company and their data processes.

  1. Get help if you need it

This is going to be a huge undertaking for some organisations.  So don’t be scared to ask for help – that’s why I am here.

I have created an HR GDPR support package to ensure you are compliant, this will include the following;


  • A full audit of your hr processes, where I will examine all the personal data points in your organisation
  • Consultation on the gaps identified
  • Update all your HR documentation to meet the GDPR criteria

Get in touch today to find out more

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