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What are the Top HR Trends for 2019?

The past year has been somewhat surprising in terms of society and the way we live and work. We’ve seen a massive rise in new technologies, mindfulness and wellbeing as well as an increase in rights movements such as #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. As we move into 2019, how will these changes affect the workplace and […]

GDPR HR Implications – Five top tips

GDPR HR Implications – Five top tips The basics In brief, the General Data Protection Regulations is new and is replacing the current data protection act.  It is being introduced on 25th May 2018 to address the huge technology updates since the original act was brought in 20 years ago.  Gone are the days when […]

Tips on Employee Appraisal’s

The key to staff appraisals is there should be no surprises. For instance, if an employee tells a manager that the six months since the last review have gone really badly, it should not be the first they’ve heard of it. This is because staff appraisals must not exist in isolation, but should be part […]

Avoid these 4 small-business HR mistakes

Running your own business can be an exciting but challenging experience. You often have to take on many roles when you’re first starting out and whilst this is often necessary, if you’re not prepared it can lead to costly mistakes. Sometimes HR is often overlooked as an unnecessary extra cost, but we can often save […]

Welcome to Hive HR Solutions

So as we enter February, I want to reflect and record my progress with my new year resolution……. Unlike most years when I have set myself at least 5 new year resolutions and rarely stick to any of them, I have chosen just one for 2017. This is to start my own HR consultancy to […]